Millionaire Calculator.

Will You Be a Millionaire Calculator

This calculator quickly estimates the number of years it will take for you to save up one million dollars, based on your current savings, future monthly deposits & your anticipated rate of return on saved capital.

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Current High Yield Savings Account Rates

We publish current savings & CD rates. Savers can use the filters at the top of the table to adjust their initial deposit amount along with the type of account they are interested in: high interest savings, certificates of deposit, money market accounts and interest bearing checking accounts.

Making Your Million

If you have ever had the burning desire to play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in real life with the stakes of cold hard cash, here is your chance. Except that there are no trivia questions, no spotlights and audience sound effects, and no phone a friend options. Instead, the calculator will do the precise computations to determine when you will become a millionaire by taking into account your current financial circumstances. The gaining of the big million, when all is said and done, is up to you. This calculator will help you reach your goal – if your anticipated achievement is in fact to become a millionaire – by telling you the exact number of years it will take for you to make your first million. In addition, because money changes in meaning due to inflation over the years, the tool will give you a clue as to what your million will be valued at if it doesn't come before ten or twenty years from now.

Who Want to Be a Millionaire – and Whose Savings Will Make it Possible


If you are determined, motivated and realistic about making the millionaire dream come true, let nothing stop you. Begin by gathering the information you will need to make a savings timeline for your financial growth. Start with your initial investment amount – this will likely be the total amount of cash you have access to in all of your savings, checking and investment accounts. Next, you will want to assess the annual interest rate at which this cash is growing. If you have your money in several different accounts, this might be the average of all of your various interest rates. If you have all of your savings in one high interest savings account, this will be the annual percentage yield that your money is growing by.

What is the average amount that you are contributing to this initial sum on a monthly basis? This will be approximately what your monthly income equals out to, minus taxes, expenditures and bills. If you have a fluctuating career and an income that varies depending on the month or time of year, this regular monetary addition might be the average of your monthly incomes for one year. Finally, you will want to get an approximate figure for the current annual rate of inflation. This number will give the computation a way to be timely and current by taking into account the way prices and earnings oscillate and change over the years.

For example, if we look at the scenario of a wanna-be millionaire who starts off with a total of $100,000 and earns $4000 per month (after taxes and bills), we see that it will take them about 15 years to become a millionaire. This calculation uses a current 1.2% inflation rate and a 2.6% estimated annual interest rate on the money. Of course, once that 15 years goes by, one million dollars will be worth only $836,165.63. At that point, you have achieved your ultimate goal and become a millionaire, even though a decade and a half later it won't be worth quite as much as if the millionaire title had been granted to you instantly, game show style.