Appliance Savings Calculator.

Appliance Operating Cost Calculator

This calculator will help you to estimate the cost of operating any given electrical appliance, based on the average KWH (kilowatt hours) used per day, and on the average cost per KWH charged by your electric company.

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Dollar-amount of your last electric bill:
Total KWH's used during the billing period:
Watts as listed on the appliance:
Or, if watts aren't given, enter the Volts:
And, if watts aren't given, enter the amps:
Average number of hours per day this appliance is used:
Average number of days per month this appliance is used:
Average number of months per year this appliance is used:
Average cost per KWH:
KWH's this appliance uses per day:
Daily cost to operate this appliance:
Monthly cost to operate this appliance:
Annual cost to operate this appliance:
Percentage of your old energy bill attributable to this appliance:

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Appliances Can Add to the Bottom Line

If you have ever sat mesmerized in front of the blinking green light on your DVD player, laptop computer or electric razor and wondered just how much it is costing you to plug that item in and power it, now is your chance to stop daydreaming and find out. While electrical appliances are generally such an ordinary part of our every day lives that we forget about unplugging them to save money on our power bills, it is important to be reminded just how much we are paying every time we leave that camera charger or unused microwave plugged in and ignored. If we actually take a look at the real life cost we are paying to leave our appliances lying alert around the house ready to operate when called upon, it is astounding how much we could be saving by simply being cognizant of disconnecting items that are not currently in use.

Compare and Contrast: Electrical Appliances Unplugged

Energy Efficient Home.

Not convinced? An example scenario of the comparison and contrast between unplugged electrical appliances and turned on devices might make all the difference. As far as this calculation is concerned, the relevant energy output of any given electrical appliance is given in kilowatt hours (KWH) and this is the unit of measurement that your electric company charges you in. The results that the calculator will produced are based on average KWH for any particular appliance in a day, as well as the average cost charged by most electric companies per KWH.

Let us look at the example of a house with an average electricity bill payment of around $150 which uses around 600 KWH per billing period or month, with an average cost of 25 cents per KWH. If we look at the case of a laptop computer charger that uses 90 watts during the 14 hours each day that it is plugged into the wall of this home, we find that we will be able to save a whopping $114.98 per year by unplugging it. Even if you plugged it in only half the time that you currently do, you could save $287.45 over five years, and that is only on one appliance. Keep in mind that 6.38% of your entire electric bill is going towards the laptop charge.

Furthermore, if we take this financial savings venture one step higher, we might consider taking the amount saved by unplugging unused electrical appliances and applying it to an investment savings account with a high interest rate. Homeowners will find that not only are the long term savings on their electricity bills significantly high, but the savings compounded with interest in a separate account make for an excellent emergency fund or holiday fund for the whole family to enjoy. Changing just this one factor about how your family and home operate in conjunction with one another is enough to create a tidy pool of money within a few years. As an added bonus, this move will be a beneficial one to the environment and your own health as well. The less electricity that is in the atmosphere at any given moment, the less invisible but powerful waves will be resonating in the air and the less potential impact of technology you will experience later in life.