Lifetime Earnings Calculator.

Lifetime Earnings Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to make you aware of just how much money you (and your spouse/mate, if applicable) will have the opportunity to manage between now and when you retire. And the point this calculator will attempt to make, is that if it turns out you end up broke at retirement age, it won't be because you didn't make enough money, it will because you did not successfully manage the abundance of income (potential wealth) you managed to generate.

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Accurately Estimate Your Lifetime Earnings

How much will you and your spouse earn over the course of your lifetime together? The answer may surprise you. Most people earn a surprising amount of money during their working life. In fact, a healthy couple with an average work history earns a small fortune before they reach retirement age. But with the day to day hustle and bustle of life it can often be difficult to get an accurate picture of our total earning potential. Better money management begins with knowledge, and understanding your lifetime earning potential will help you prepare investment strategies for your future retirement, as well as helping you to better manage your day to day living expenses. The Lifetime Earnings Calculator makes it easy to predict your total earning potential, and can help you and your spouse turn your wages into retirement wealth.

Stacks of Cash.


Retirement is a dream for some people, and a dread for others. But one thing is certain, no one wants to reach retirement age and find themselves financially strapped. Social security only goes so far, and in order to fully enjoy your retirement you need to plan for the future. But the first step to planning for the future is understanding where you are, and where you have been. Over the course of a working career we all earn much more money than we realize. Successfully leveraged, that income can be managed to provide for a comfortable, or even prosperous, retirement. However, far too often people spend their working lives living paycheck to paycheck, giving little thought to their full earning potential and how that money can be put to work to provide for their retirement. Calculating your lifetime earnings potential, and combining it with that of your wife or husband, will allow you to see a bigger financial picture. With this information, it will be easier for you and your spouse to decide how much money can be earmarked for investments, and how much should be dedicated to an IRA or 401(k). In this way you can provide for a safe and secure retirement.

A Better Budget Means More Money to Invest

Calculating your lifetime earnings potential will also help you to create a more successful long term budget that will not only cover your normal household expenses, but will still leave enough to put into a savings plan or to use as investment capital. Planning for the future begins with successful money management, and successful money management begins with a sound household budget.

Calculating Your Lifetime Earnings

The Lifetime Earnings Calculator makes figuring out your future earnings potential quick and easy. Simply enter your current age, and the age you intend to retire, into the appropriate fields. Then, input your present gross annual income. If you are married you may also choose to enter your spouse's annual income. Finally, by percentage, enter any estimated annual pay raises or cost of living increases. The calculator will determine your projected earnings for the period in question, and you may well be surprised by just how much money that adds up to. With these figures at your fingertips, you can begin to manage your money more sensibly as preparation for your future, and to ensure that when you reach retirement age the money you need will be ready and waiting.